Secrets of Rainmaker Workshop

Finally... an achievable success system you can use to Sell MORE when you have a common product

What you will learn from our Rainmaker Workshop

From Salesman to Rainmaker

KILLER Questions

PRICE Awkwardness

It is alright to Price your product for what its worth. If what you are selling provides more value than a similar product, you can charger more. Too many salesperson cut their prices at the slightest pressure. Find out how does a Rainmaker tackle the question of Price?

How our Rainmaker system has helped many participants up their game

Ken has been interviewed and featured in multiple media channels

What makes our Rainmaker Secrets Masterclass so different from other "Sales" workshops?

We use proven psychometric tools licensed from United States.  Backed by decades of research and used by millions of people worldwide, you can be sure these tools give you an accurate, non judgmental personality strengths analysis for you to be a rainmaker.

We don't just teach you sales techniques. We look at your unique personality and teach you how to customize sales techniques that FIT who you are. If you are an introvert, how do you rain make the introvert way. If you are an extrovert, how do u capitalize on your strengths to make rain. If you are in between, what can you do to harness the best of both?

When you join our program, you are also joining our success network of motivated individuals just like you who want to be a rainmaker. Selling alone is hard, rainmaking together with others makes it easier. 

Here is what clients say after attending training by Ken

“Hi Ken, thank you for the wonderful job that you did at our corporate retreat. You brought your expertise and experience to the table, but also listened to what we were looking for and were flexible in the actual execution.

The team running the event was extremely enthusiastic and easy to work with. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also learnt the invaluable message of working as a team. Gillian, thank you, you have been extremely helpful and it was a pleasure to have partnered with your company. We look forward to partnering you and your team again in the future.”

​- Tang Tuan Huat,Senior Assistant Director (HR), Corporate Services Directorate, Supreme Court of Singapore

“My impression is that you guys have been proactive, patient and helpful to us throughout our engagement with you. I really appreciated all the efforts taken to prepare for this workshop in such a short turnaround time. Activities were very innovative and I am glad that my colleagues learnt something about themselves and others through the program. More importantly I could see that they had a great time from all the laughter and it wouldn’t have been possible without your energetic facilitation. We will be happy to recommend your services to our colleagues and partners when the opportunity arises. Thanks once again for a job well done!”​

- Zachary Aw Yongjun, Manager, Research and Innovation Division, Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL)

“This program cannot be learnt through books, and it will save a lot of precious time for participants. Definitely a program that works!” 

- Mohammad Faiz Bin Selamat, Director of Fahamir Pte Ltd, Singapore

Who would benefit most from this workshop

1) Working Professionals who want to find ways to up their game so as to progress further in their careers

2) Self Employed Individuals who want to up their game to enjoy more time, energy and abundance in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for this Rainmaker workshop?

this workshop is at $38 only and gives you a good insight into what you can expect in you were to sign up for Secrets of Rainmaker Masterclass.

How long is the Secrets of Rainmaker Masterclass?

It is a full day workshop conducted from 9am-6pm.

What is the cost of Secrets of Rainmaker Masterclass?

The program costs $888

Can anyone come for the program?

Only if you are serious on wanting to improve your sales. We rely mostly on word of mouth of existing participants who have attended and changed their lives. This allows us to keep the cost reasonable and delivering the best value for your money.

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